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Best bbq catering in plano, Tx

Whether you need a food delivery service, or just want some delicious BBQ in Texas, GoodBoyzBBQ is the smokehouse catering service for you! With over 20 years of BBQ Grill experience, we take pride in the food and people we serve.

You know what kind of food you want at your event, and we have the expertise to make it happen.

With a minimum amount of 50 people, GoodBoyzBBQ beats out any other Plano, TX local catering food service with absolute mouth watering satisfaction! We offer fresh meals and meat by the pound on our smokehouse catering truck.

Try our tender ribs, smoked sausages, and everything else on our smokehouse catering menu. Not only is our catering BBQ a meat lover’s paradise, but we also offer side dishes such as BBQ baked beans, potato salad, and much more!

What Can You Expect

From GoodBoyzBBQ?

In addition to offering professional and friendly services at every event we cater, we also put love and passion into every meal we prepare.

GoodBoyzBBQ does it all! We cover events, shows, parties and everything else in between! Catering is the sole focus of our business, however, you may find our GoodBoyzBBQ smoker traveling with delicious goodness in the Plano, Frisco, and McKinny, Texas areas.

As the best catering service Plano, Texas and the surrounding areas has to offer, we thrive to provide a fantastic experience for any occasion you need. Furthermore, our homey cuisine catering setup has rigorous sanitary standards and reflects our commitment to serve wholesome products. 

We carefully prepare each plate using fresh and high-quality ingredients giving preference to local producers. GoodBoyzBBQ service is quick, easy, and offers a customizable menu from side dishes to main meals. If you are interested in engaging our BBQ Smokehouse Catering Services, we humbly invite you to contact us today! We got you covered!

We make your celebrations, meetings, and other parties a smooth and memorable event.

What Type of Food Does

goodboyzbbq Offer?

Our job is to make sure your event reflects the taste, style, and vision of any customer. Need a last minute cater for a corporate lunch? No problem! GoodBoyzBBQ ensures that everything goes according to plan, prepared without flaw, and coordinated as if it were an event of our own. 

When you trust GoodBoyzBBQ, the planning process is smooth, stress-free, and lets you enjoy your event. 

Barbecue is the old-school way of smoking meat with a real fire. Crafting made BBQ takes time, effort, and experience to get right. 

With that said, you will be amazed by our barbecue menu which is anything but bland. Our meat guarantees satisfaction with our most delicious home classics. Our BBQ meat is the star of the show. 

Here are a few different foods we specialize in:

Chicken-Legs Quarters


Smoked Sausages

Pulled Pork


Corn on the Cob

Green beans

Mac and Cheese

We take a lot of pride in elevating the Texas BBQ standard and want clients to know and understand that they’re getting the freshest BBQ possible.

We have mastered the art of BBQ and encourage you to try our services today! 

BBQ Grill & Smokehouse catering

Whether you are looking for a hearty Texas meal or you need a caterer for a special event, we got you covered!